As the Canadian election campaign rolls forward, the candidates are making their cases, presenting their platforms, and getting ready for the French Language debate on October 2. For at least one candidate, preparation included some time in the ring. Justin Trudeau took the opportunity to get some boxing practice in before the debate.

Trudeau made a visit to the Academy De Combat Ultime Ness Martial during his time in Montreal, where he took the opportunity to train with boxing coach Ali Nestor. Trudeau threw some punches and worked on blocking. 

The scene was reminiscent of Trudeau's highly publicized 2012 boxing match against senator Patrick Brazeau. The two decided to enter the ring together for charity, raising $200,000 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. The fight was broadcast on the now-defunct Sun News Network, and Trudeau won a decisive victory.

In 2016, Trudeau stopped into the famous Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn to step in the ring once again before he signed the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Safe to say, Trudeau is a big fan of the sport, and apparently will take any opportunity to jump back into it.

Of course, not everyone who watched the latest footage of Justin Trudeau boxing was all that impressed. Canadians on Twitter took the opportunity to criticize Trudeau and his relationship with the media.

"Trudeau doing nothing and his media lap dogs just can’t get enough," wrote Twitter user @knucklees55. Another user, @paulyoungcpa, wrote, "Did this publicity stunt lead to budget balance itself or GDP growth rate going up?"

Some other Twitter users even made seemingly unfavorable comparisons between Trudeau and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been photographed shirtless in the past.

"What! he'll be playing hockey and riding a horse with a bare chest Trudeau is a mix of Trump and Putin Trudeau's gone in the paramedics," wrote @montanti8angela.

"Reminds me of one of #Putin stunts? Come on be a real news organization and not some Liberal puppet. There is an election going on... ask him why he is preventing the #RCMP from investigating, why won't he let @Puglaas speak HER TRUTH!" wrote @Darkrumwithcoke.

The Canadian federal election is set to take place on October 21, with the French language debate airing at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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