Justin Trudeau Attended The G20 With Stickers On His Briefcase And Canadians Have Mixed Feelings About It

Some people are saying he didn't look 'professional' enough.
Justin Trudeau Attended The G20 With Stickers On His Briefcase And Canadians Have Mixed Feelings About It
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As a politician, it is somewhat expected that your every move and decision will come under scrutiny by the public. Politicians have to think very carefully about how they act, what they say, and even what they wear because they represent the country that they come from. While members of the government seldom have their accessories criticized, especially if that accessory is Justin Trudeau's briefcase. If you ask Twitter, he learned the hard way that people do actually care it looks like. 

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made his way to Osaka, Japan, for the G20 world leaders summit, where he was to meet with other prominent world powers to discuss important issues such as climate change, and diplomatic relations with China. As the Prime Minister posted a photo on his Twitter page earlier this week, showing him leaving rainy Ottawa with his wife, Sophie, on his way to the G20 summit, eagle-eyed followers were quick to notice something unusual about his briefcase. 

In the post, Trudeau said “Wheels up for Osaka, Japan with a busy few days ahead at the #G20 Leaders’ Summit. We’ll focus on fighting climate change, advancing gender equality, and creating more opportunities for the middle class.”

Despite this important message, the focus of many of the replies to the post was about, well, his briefcase.

In response to the tweet, one Twitter user reposted saying ‘Attending a world summit with stickers on his briefcase. Lord help us!” While many people were quick to call the woman who posted this tweet out on her “attention-seeking,” several others agreed with the sentiment that a world leader that is representing Canada on a global scale should look more professional.

Several Twitter users who were not fans of Trudeau's stickered briefcase felt that the accessory made him look childish, and made further reference to the 'childlike' things that could be in the carry-all.

That said, there was also a significant number of Canadians who felt Trudeau's briefcase stickers were perfectly acceptable. One user said "Who cares what a candidate wears, carries or looks like? Care about policy and how it will be implemented. That's what matters."

Another added, "Your life is so comfortable that stickers are a political issue to you. Things must be pretty good in Canada eh?"

In fact, many people liked the fact Trudeau had a 'Tragically Hip' sticker on his briefcase. The Canadian rock band, whose lead singer, Gord Downie, passed away from a brain tumour in 2017, were recognized nationally for their work supporting Indigenous issues in Canada.

One user said, "I fully and completely love your [Tragically Hip] sticker on your briefcase keep leading, ignore the haters."

Whatever you think about how professional Trudeau's briefcase looks, you can't fault the man's choice of stickers!

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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