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Andrew Scheer & Trudeau's Cargo Plane Are Getting Along Really Well On Twitter

Trudeau's second plane has an unofficial Twitter account.
Justin Trudeau's Cargo Plane Has An Unofficial Twitter Account & Scheer Tweeted At It

One of the controversies to come out of the current Canadian election is reports of Justin Trudeau using two planes for his campaign. It especially seems to be something that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer wants to point out to people. Now, Justin Trudeau's cargo plane actually has a Twitter account that someone created for it. Not only that, but Andrew Scheer tweeted at it.

"Carrying Justin Trudeau's baggage around the country since 2015," reads the description for the Twitter account @TrudeauPlaneB, which is also known as the "Unofficial account of Justin Trudeau's cargo plane." 

The account appears to be designed to criticize the Prime Minister's use of a second plane during his campaign through satire, with tweets saying, "Justin Trudeau is talking about climate change right now. At the same moment as he flies TWO empty campaign planes overhead. Cargo plane flying Toronto ➡ Montreal. Meanwhile 'TRUDEAU' plane flies Montreal ➡ Toronto. Can't make this up."

Andrew Scheer even sent his own tweet to the account, appearing to want to speak to the plane directly. In his tweet, Scheer wrote, "Looking good last night at #YYZ, @TrudeauPlaneB! You sure are racking up the frequent flyer miles."

The @TrudeauPlaneB account tweeted back at Scheer, writing, "Good to see you too @AndrewScheer! I burned thousands of gallons of fuel getting Justin Trudeau to his announcement on fighting climate change yesterday lol. I’m helping!"

The Conservative leader first brought up Trudeau's second plane during the French-language debates. Trudeau and the Liberal Party have noted that they are buying carbon offsets to compensate for their air travel with both planes. The Conservative Party has only one plane, but are not buying carbon offsets.

Twitter users responded to Scheer's tweet at the cargo plane account with disbelief, criticizing Scheer for being "petty," "tweeting at joke accounts," and in the words of Twitter user @Tsucks42567, "acting like a girl in grade 10."

The Canadian federal election will take place on October 21. According to the CBC Poll Tracker, as of October 9, the Liberals lead the Conservatives by only .3 percent.

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