Justin Trudeau Leaving A Press Conference To Grab His Coat Is Peak Canada (VIDEO)

It was a little too brisk outside for the PM.
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Justin Trudeau Leaving A Press Conference To Grab His Coat Is Peak Canada (VIDEO)

It can be quite chilly in Canada, even just a day before the start of spring. Not even the Prime Minister can shake off a cool breeze or freezing temperatures. Justin Trudeau's coat incident stole the show during his press conference and people had a lot to say about it on Twitter.

The Prime Minister was speaking to the media on March 18 outside of Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, where he's working from home because his wife tested positive from COVID-19.

In the middle of that press conference, he stopped and needed a break to grab more layers because it was a little chilly outside.

"Just before we get to questions, I'm supposed to model healthy behaviour," he said. "I'm going to go grab my coat and I'll be right back."

Then Trudeau ran up the front steps of his home and opened up the front door.

He went inside and grabbed a jacket before coming back out while putting it on.

After that, he came back to the podium to get back to business.

"It's nice and sunny but a little brisk," he said with a smile.

On Twitter, people had a lot to say about the Prime Minister interrupting his own press conference to run inside and put on more clothing.

"Justin Trudeau ran back into the house to grab a jacket because it's chilly outside," one person tweeted. "Moms across Canada approve."

Another said, "I think this just made my day."

In that press conference where he needed to go get his jacket, Trudeau announced that the Canada-U.S. border will be closed to non-essential travel.

He also announced an $82 billion plan from the federal government that will go towards helping Canadians during this global pandemic.

The coat moment was a lighter spot during a serious time.

If you've ever gone outside in March and underestimated just how cold the weather is, you're not the only one.

The Prime Minister — he's just like us!

"Trudeau grabbing his coat mid-presser.... most Canadian thing ever," one person tweeted.

Somebody else said that what the prime minister did "is EVERY Canadian in March."

The Liberal leader has been working from home after going into self-quarantine back on March 12.

He's been sharing photos on social media from his home office, giving us all a little behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the Prime Minister works from home.

It wasn't too chilly when Trudeau had his press conference in the nation's capital, with temperatures just below freezing with the windchill.

However, he might need his jacket for a little while longer. Canada's spring forecast says the season will be off to a slow start and lack consistent warm weather at the beginning.

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