Justin Trudeau Complained That Snow In April Is Typical 2020 & It's So Relatable

Even he knows what kind of year 2020 has been.
Justin Trudeau's Snow In April Complaint Is So Relatable
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2020, eh? Even the Prime Minister knows that this year hasn't been the greatest. Justin Trudeau's comment about snow in April is so relatable. Everybody loves to complain about the weather especially when it's about winter weather happening in the spring.

Has it snowed where you live in Canada recently? If you live near the PM it has.

The flakes have been coming down in different parts of the country recently and even he isn't too happy about it.

During his daily press conference outside of Rideau Cottage, Trudeau expressed his disdain for the flurries.

"Over the past few weeks, we've all had to get used to this new normal," he said. "It's been snowing in some places this week including here in Ottawa because that's just what 2020 brings."

The comment also acknowledged that 2020 has not been the best year so far and the spring snow is just the latest bad news.

Even though we live in Canada and winters can be brutal, a lot of people usually hope that by April snow would no longer fall.

Trudeau knows that the weather will eventually get nicer but that will bring new challenges relating to the fight against COVID-19.

"As time goes on, staying home and not seeing friends is going to be even more difficult," he said. "We have to be disciplined."

He mentioned that we can't let any progress we've made so far go to waste as the weather gets nicer and as time moves forward.

"If we persist and persevere I know that we will prevail," Trudeau said.

This isn't the first time the Prime Minister has had some trouble with the weather during his press conferences.

On March 18, he had to go back inside Rideau Cottage to get a coat before he took questions from reporters because it was colder than he expected.

"It's nice and sunny but a little brisk," he said when he came back out.

That garnered reaction online with people tweeting that it was "peak Canada" and the "most Canadian thing ever."

Unfortunately for Trudeau, the snow has been strong lately.

According to The Weather Network, the cold, wintry weather from the west will move east in the middle of the month bringing below-normal temperatures to Ontario and Quebec.

However, it won't last for too long.

By the end of April, the usual weather pattern is expected to return with the potential for really warm temperatures to move into Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes before May begins.

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