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Justin Trudeau Is Still In Costa Rica & People Are Trying To Find Out What He's Doing

A photo supposedly shows him buying alcohol.
Justin Trudeau Is Still In Costa Rica & People Are Trying To Find Out What He's Doing

Plenty of Canadians wish they could get away from the winter weather for a little while. For most, however, it's time to get back to work after the holidays. That doesn't seem to be what's happening with the Prime Minister, though, as Justin Trudeau's Costa Rica vacation continues. 

Trudeau started his vacation on December 20. According to his January 3 itinerary, he is still in Costa Rica, meaning that the tropical excursion has been going on for two full weeks. 

It's starting to get to the point where people are wondering just what Trudeau has been up to for those two weeks. On Twitter, there is a discussion going on about why Trudeau would be gone for so long.

That discussion also includes a photo that allegedly shows Canada's Prime Minister in full vacation mode, buying items from a local convenience store. The photo is accompanied by the phrase, "Cuando te topas al presi de Canadà dando una vuelta en Santa Tere." This roughly translates to "When you bump into the president of Canada just walking around Santa Teresa."

There is no confirmation as to whether the man in the photo actually is Justin Trudeau, but it was enough to get people speculating and tweeting out their guesses about the length and nature of his vacation.

"Huh wonder if the left media will do a story on Justin Trudeau’s bender in Costa Rica or the fact he’s been separated from his wife for 18 months." wrote @MyMuskokaLife.

"Justin Trudeau is staying in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica at the Super Ronnny’s #2 LOL 😂" wrote @crdreamjournal1.

In contrast to the photo that is gaining circulation on Twitter, Theresa Longo, a Canadian actress, tweeted from Costa Rica that people apparently don't care enough to take photos of Trudeau.

"They stayed in a private air B and B. People don't really care here (enough to take a photo) we saw his low flying planes and helicopters over the holidays," Longo wrote.

One Twitter user wondered if the Prime Minister knew about the attack on an Iranian military official ordered by President Trump.

"I wonder if @JustinTrudeau is even aware of the fact that
@realDonaldTrump just shoved a rocket up Irans ass; or if he is still sweating off his hangover in Costa Rica...?!?!? Our “leader” is useless..." wrote @AdamCorfe.

There is no official word on when Trudeau will be returning to Canada or any confirmed details about his trip. The House Of Commons is not scheduled to have another seating until January 28. 

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