Unpaid internships suck. That’s just a fact because, well as the word ‘unpaid’ states, you don’t get any money for your time and efforts put into a job-like experience.

As part of his election campaign Justin Trudeau promised to change the rules around unpaid internships.

And now his government has set a date for when they’re going to tackle the problem.  

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The government says it will unveil the final set of regulations around unpaid internships in the fall of 2019, which is much later than many expected.

The government originally tried to deal with the issue back in 2015 but talks fell apart after the Canadian Intern Association dropped out. Labour groups and student unions then also left after a proposal was made that would allow interns to work for 4 months unpaid. 

Tackling the issue was also a part of the government’s 2017 budget, where they promised to get rid of all unpaid internships in federally regulated workplaces. 

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The exception being for students who need to complete an internship as part of their coursework for school, those internships will remain unpaid.

The fact that it is going to take the government another year to deal with the issue is a concern for some groups. 

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"While we're encouraged that the federal government is finally moving forward on addressing unpaid internships within federally regulated employers, we're also concerned that the timelines are excessive and push any concrete action into 2019 or 2020," said Andrew Langille, counsel for the Canadian Intern Association.

So if you took an unpaid internship to gain experience in an industry you’ll be out of luck for at least another year.

Source: CP24