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Trudeau Has Been Crossing The Ottawa-Gatineau Border Multiple Times A Week To See His Fam

He's reportedly spending the weekend with his family in Quebec.
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Justin Trudeau's Harrington Lake Residence Is Where He's Been Commuting To Work From

Being the Prime Minister of Canada has its perks. That includes multiple official places you can live in. Justin Trudeau's Harrington Lake residence is where he's been commuting from to get to work in Ottawa.

The PM has been giving updates to Canadians most days of the week during this pandemic outside of Rideau Cottage, which is where he lives.

While the Prime Minister was originally working and living in the Ottawa residence, he's been commuting to work from Quebec recently.

During an appearance on the talk show Tout le monde en parle at the beginning of May, Trudeau was asked about Harrington Lake, one of the official residences of the Prime Minister.

"Since I work at the residence in Ottawa and I do press conferences every day, it was not ideal for the children to stay there, so they went to the other official residence," he said in French.

So, a couple of times a week he crosses the Ottawa-Gatineau border to go between work and home.

"I spend several nights a week with the family, then I go down to work in the city like many Quebecers who live in the Outaouais," he said.

Trudeau also mentioned that he thinks people understand that he has to work in Ottawa even though he lives with his family in Quebec.

The Ottawa-Gatineau border has been a hot topic recently as there were checkpoints at bridges over the Ottawa River that stopped non-essential travel between the two provinces.

Now that's coming to an end.

People in Ottawa with cottages in Quebec can get to them when the checkpoints are removed on May 18.

This doesn't impact Trudeau though because Harrington Lake is an official residence of Canada's Prime Minister and not just a cottage.

Trudeau is reportedly spending his weekend in Quebec with his family after giving a press conference on May 16.

His press secretary confirmed to Narcity that he won't be doing his daily address on May 17, Victoria Day.

Trudeau received some backlash after visiting his family at Harrington Lake on the Easter weekend.

"We continue to follow all the instructions from public health authorities," he said when asked about his visit.

His wife and kids moved up to that residence after Sophie Grégoire Trudeau recovered from COVID-19.

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