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Justin & Sophie Trudeau's New Years Insta Post Prove People Are Obsessed With Their Family

Most of their top posts are family photos.
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Justin & Sophie Trudeau's New Years Insta Post Prove People Are Obsessed With Their Family

With every new year comes people reminiscing about the year that has just gone by and that means posting their top photos from the last 12 months. Even our Prime Minister and his wife got in on the year-end trend. Justin Trudeau's Instagram top nine post and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's both show how obsessed people are with their family. 

As part of the recent yearly tradition, people across the world posted their top Instagram photos of 2019 for all to see and that included Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. 

The couple each posted their top photos of the past year to the social media platform.

Most of the photos in both of their top nines are personal photos of their family which shows how much people are into their behind-the-scenes life.

The Prime Minister captioned his post with, "it's been quite a year" and "we'll be focused on moving our country forward and helping Canadians succeed in 2020."

His most liked photos on Instagram include six of him with his wife and his kids, one of him boxing, another with Greta Thunberg and his top one is a photo of him with former U.S. President Barack Obama. 

With so many of his top photos being personal ones of his family, it seems like people are more into his personal life more than they are any political or professional matters.

For Grégoire Trudeau, all nine of her top Instagram photos of the year are of her family.

There are a couple of just her and her husband, one of the whole family and the rest are photos of their three kids. 

"Life is so short, but full of so many big moments. So let’s cherish every adventure, every obstacle that makes us grow and every loving moment," she captioned the post. "Watching my little ones learn this year has been such a blessing."

The couple celebrated 14 years of marriage in 2019 and Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram post about the anniversary is actually her top photo of the year. 

Here's hoping for more adorable personal family photos from the Trudeaus in 2020.

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