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Trudeau Admits He's Not Sure If He'd Allow His Kids To Return To School Right Now

Some Canadian schools are reopening next week.

This week, thousands of elementary schoolers will prepare to return to class. However, Justin Trudeau's kids will be staying at home. The Prime Minister has admitted he’s in no rush to send his children back to school right now, noting that the decision is “very personal.”

It’s going to be a busy week for parents, younger kids, and teachers, as many of them are preparing to return to school next week.

In most regions in Quebec, elementary schools and daycares will begin to reopen from May 11, with the Greater Montreal area following suit on May 19.

Despite assurances from Quebec Premier Francois Legault, the Prime Minister has admitted he wouldn’t be sending his children back without some serious thinking.

In an interview with Radio-Canada’s Tout le monde en parle on Sunday, Trudeau simply said “I don’t know,” when asked if he’d let his kids return to class right now.

“It will be a decision that is extremely personal for many parents,” he explained.

He added that if he absolutely had to make a decision, it would be based on a number of factors.

The Prime Minister said he would consider the school’s plan, how teachers were feeling and how recess would work.

The PM continued, “I would make that decision probably at the last minute.” 

Acknowledging that the pandemic is becoming increasingly difficult for many Canadians, he added, “It’s tough on children because they want to see their friends. They don’t understand but they know it’s important.”

Luckily for Trudeau, he’s got a little while to think on the situation.

During the interview, Trudeau explained that his three kids attend a French-language school in Ontario, where schools will remain closed until at least May 31.

When Premier Doug Ford was asked last week if he'd follow in Legault's footsteps, he said that he would not be taking any chances in Ontario.

"I'm not going to put our children in a crowded classroom," Ford explained. "I'm just not going to do it."

Despite the stresses of the pandemic, the Trudeau family seems to have been keeping very busy.

Since the beginning of the lockdown in Ontario, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has been sharing adorable family pictures on her social media channels, and sharing the ways they have been keeping themselves entertained.

For the time being, it is not compulsory for any children in Quebec to return to school next week.