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Canadians Have Mixed Opinions of Trudeau's "Men In Black" Suit

Some thought he looked like he was heading to a funeral!
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Canadians Have Mixed Opinions of Trudeau's "Men In Black" Suit

As Canada’s six main political party leaders gathered on Monday night for the first and only official English leaders' debate, eagle-eyed Canadians were quick to pick-up on so much more than just their answers to the country’s burning political questions.

The debate kicked-off at 7 p.m. eastern time, as the six leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and opposition leader Andrew Scheer, gathered in the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec. 

While the debate was expected to focus on serious issues such as the climate crisis, gun control and recent political scandals, Canadian viewers across the country were also interested in another pressing issue - the Prime Minister's bougie new suit!

Dressed in a formal black suit as well as a black tie, Canadians had mixed reviews on Justin Trudeau's evening attire, with some suggesting he looked suave, while others believed he looked like he was heading to a funeral!

Taking to social media to share their opinion on the Prime Minister’s evening-attire, Canadians seemed to have mixed reviews on the black-on-black ensemble. One Twitter user was a big fan, taking to Twitter to write, “Trudeau looks pretty good in that suit."

Another shared a similar opinion, posting to say, “Power move by Trudeau rocking the black on black suit/tie combo."

Another added, "Trudeau's suit works for sure..."

However, not all Canadians were so complimentary about the Prime Minister’s suit. In fact, many Canadians were seriously unimpressed with Trudeau’s suit-choice, with many suggesting that he looked like he was heading off to a funeral.

One Twitter user wrote, “Why is Trudeau dressed like he's going to a wedding or a funeral? Black suit, white shirt, black tie. I'm curious why this choice was made. I could only assume this was a conscious style decision."

Another added, “Trudeau looks like an unsuccessful funeral director. Dark hair...dark suit...sad face."

While Canadians were certainly interested in Trudeau’s choice of attire for the debate, the Prime Minister's focus no doubt is actually on the more important matters-in-hand for the night.

That said, whether or not Trudeau's outfit 'suits' him or not is certainly one of the biggest debates of the night on Twitter!

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