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Justin Trudeau's On Snapchat Now & People Are Finding It Weird

Canadians were quick to discuss which 'filter' Justin Trudeau could use.
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Justin Trudeau's On Snapchat Now & People Are Finding It Weird

With the Canadian federal election now just a few short weeks away, the country’s leading politicians are doing whatever they can to connect with Canada’s potential voters. While most of the party leaders are prominent Twitter and Instagram users, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has started exploring another social media platform, and Canadians just aren’t sure what to think.

In a tweet on Monday evening, the Prime Minister took to Twitter to announce that he was on the social media site Snapchat, a platform for users to send instant pictures to one another and share "stories." In a somewhat cringe-worthy tweet, Trudeau asked his 4.6 million Twitter followers to “Add me on Snapchat,” using his campaign slogan, “Choose Forward” as a hashtag.

As predominantly a selfie-messaging service, many Canadians who responded to Trudeau’s tweet seemed a little confused as to why the Prime Minister would want a Snapchat account, while others made jokes about the average age of Snapchat users probably being lower than voting-age.

Furthermore, in the weeks following Trudeau's black- and brownface scandals, several Twitter users took the opportunity to ask the Liberal leader if he really wanted to get that involved with an app that is focused primarily on photo-sharing.

In response to Trudeau’s awkward tweet asking for Snapchat followers, one Canadian Twitter user responded, “Well Snapchat should get you the under 18 vote...lmao!”

Another asked, “Has the prime minister's Twitter be hacked? Add me on Snapchat?”

Several Twitter users also saw the opportunity to bring up Trudeau’s blackface picture scandal, in the wake of him announcing that he would be joining a new photo-sharing app.

One Twitter user made a joke about Snapchat’s photo filters, tweeting, “I don’t think they have a blackface filter yet.”

Another made a similar remark, adding, “I've seen your latest few pics. I'll pass thank you.”

Despite the negative reaction from some Canadians to his latest social media venture, the Prime Minister doesn’t seem to be phased. He has already been posting political content directly to his Snapchat account and has shared several up-to-date photos and videos of his campaign-trail adventures.

It is not public how many friends or followers the Prime Minister has on his Snapchat account so far, but many Canadians responded to his tweet to say that they would be adding him on the platform.

At the time of writing, Justin Trudeau has more than 6.7 million Facebook "likes" on his official account, 4.6 million Twitter followers, as well as 3.1 million Instagram followers. Whichever way you look at it, it seems many people do enjoy following the Prime Minister on his socials!

If you want to follow Justin Trudeau’s political campaign on Snapchat, you can add his username justinpjtrudeau or click here.

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