Justin Trudeau Started A Twitter Trend Of Famous Canadians Asking Each Other To Stay Home

Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen and Michael Bublé joined in.
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Justin Trudeau's Twitter Callout Started A Stay Home Thread & Famous Canadians Got In On It

The Prime Minister wants people in Canada to share his message about staying safe by staying inside. Justin Trudeau's Twitter callout started a thread of people asking others to stay home and some famous Canadians got in on the action. Talk about friends in high places!

The Prime Minister shared a video on social media on March 23 of him in his house, asking Canadians to step up and keep everybody safe by staying at home and not going out.

On Twitter, this started a chain of other Canadians sharing their own messages to others about not leaving their houses.

"You need to stay home. And so do your friends and family members," Trudeau tweeted. "Help spread the word with your own video - and tag your friends to remind them to stay home too. And together, we can #PlankTheCurve."

He then tagged two famous Canadians — Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bublé — to help him out.

Both answered the Trudeau's callout and went on to tag other celebrities who shared their messages and tagged others as well.

In his video, the Canadian leader said that "if we all step up and do the right thing, we will all get through this together."

His video has more than one million views on both Twitter and Instagram.

Bublé tweeted, "I know how lucky I am to have the ability to stay home and that it’s not as simple for everyone."

He also asked people to stay home if it's possible for them to do so.

Reynolds also shared a video of his own on social media and thanked the Prime Minister for the initiative.

Of course, the video turned humorous because that's just who Reynolds is.

"In times of crisis, I think we all know it's the celebrities that we count on most. They're the ones that are going to get us through this," he said. "Right after health care workers, of course, first responders, people working essential services, ping pong players, mannequins, childhood imaginary friends, like 400 other types of people."

Following Reynolds' nomination, Seth Rogen also shared a message to Canadians.

"Just don't leave the house. There are worse things you could be asked to do," he said.

From there, the chain got bigger.

Jann Arden enthusiastically tweeted, "DO IT! LISTEN TO OUR AMAZING LEADER!!!"

Steven Page accepted Reynolds' nomination to spread the word, not the virus and posted a video.

"If you can stay home, stay home. It's serious," he said.

Jay Baruchel followed up his nomination from Seth Rogen with a video of him hanging out in his basement.

Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser also responded to Trudeau's callout and showed Canada that she wears another uniform, not just a hockey one.

She's a doctor in training in her final year of medical school.

"You definitely don't want to be seeing me in the hospital so practice social distancing," she said.

Earlier in the day before he sent out the message on social media, the PM spoke at a press conference and told Canadians who still gather in groups during this pandemic that "enough is enough. Go home and stay home."

Canada has closed the border with the U.S. to non-essential travel and asked Canadians to avoid all non-essential international travel as well.

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