Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram Offers An Inside Look At Canada's First Family

Turns out they're usually having a lot of fun!
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram Offers An Inside Look At Canada's First Family

It's easy for Canadians to forget that political candidates are people, just like anyone else. Luckily, Justin Trudeau's wife's Instagram account is a good reminder. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's feed offers a glimpse inside the life of Canada's first family, and it's surprisingly pretty normal!

There are plenty of photos of the whole family together, but there are also snapshots of the kids hanging out with their Dad, heading off to school, and even a few videos of Sophie's famous singing.

Like any good Canadian parents, Justin and Sophie can sometimes be found at the hockey rink, cheering on their kids from the stands.

Sometimes Sophie's feed just highlights the Trudeau family's home life. Surprisingly, Justin isn't always wrapped in politics. He's either playing basketball with his kids or taking a bike ride with them. Once, he even let them shave his face. Seems risky!

Only in Canada could you see the country's leader teaching one of his kids how to properly snowshoe. That's still a skill that kids need, right?

Of course, Sophie isn't always the one taking photos. Sometimes she's on her bike, taking the kids back to school. And of course, like any other mom, she has to have a good picture of the youngest Trudeau family member heading to kindergarten for the first time.

As great as it is to share photos of the kids, Sophie also knows that you have to post the good couples photos too. 

Sophie also posts plenty of the work she does as the wife of Canada's Prime Minister. That includes meeting with members of the Canadian Armed Forces, speaking about Indigenous issues with First Nations people, and spending time with the women's caucus.

Still, what's an Instagram feed without one good celebrity encounter? Sophie wrote a sincerely heartwarming caption about her time with Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson, in which she said, "Emma, beautiful friend, you know how much I admire your path, dedication and hard work toward gender equality."

Overall, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram feed is a solid reminder that the first family is still a family. While they may have a high profile within Canada, it looks like Justin and Sophie are still doing their best to be there for their kids and each other.

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