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Justin Trudeau's Wife Sophie Was Famous Even Before She Became "Canada's First Lady"

Sophie was co-host to a variety of television and radio shows.

While many of us know Sophie Grégoire Trudeau as Justin Trudeau's wife or as 'Canada's First Lady', she's accomplished much more than just a title. Becoming wife to the Prime Minister of Canada wasn't the first time that Sophie has been in the nation's spotlight, and she was actually famous before she even became 'Canada's First Lady'.  Before becoming 'Canada's First Lady' Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was a very successful television and radio personality. 

According to the Liberal Party, Sophie studied commerce at McGill Univerity and finished with a B.A. in communications. After graduating, Sophie worked in sales and public relations before she realized she had a passion for journalism and spent five years working as CTV's eTalk's Quebec cultural correspondent.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau worked as an eTalk correspondent from 2005-2010. During that time she focused her reporting on philanthropy and activism of celebrities. 

Throughout the years, Sophie also appeared on a variety of other television shows and was a co-host or contributor. She was an entertainment reporter for the daily Showbiz segment on LCN. Some other shows she appeared on included Coup de Pouce and Les Lionnes on Radio-Canada and Salut-Bonjour Weekend on TVA where she conducted entertainment reports.  Sophie Grégoire Trudeau also made appearances on TVA’s wildlife program Bec and Museau. 

On top of this, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was also featured in a variety of radio shows. She co-hosted a morning show on CKMF Radio, was a cultural reporter for CKAC, and was also featured on CBC Radio One. 

However, being a media personality was only one of the many jobs that Sophie Grégoire Trudeau did before she became 'Canada's First Lady'. 

According to IMDb, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau also studied classical flute and the guitar. She also practiced ballet, jazz, and African dance. Not only did this help her as a media personality, but it also made her an entertainment personality as well. She even had a couple of acting gigs, according to her IMDb page. In 2007 she appeared on the TV show The Business and then in 2017 she was on the show Canada Crew. 

On top of being on TV, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was and still is, actively involved in charity work as well. According to the Liberal Party in 2012, just before Trudeau was elected as Prime Minister, Sophie helped to launch Canada's first ever 'International Day of the Girl'. 

She has also shown her support to a variety of other charities over time including Women's Festival Toronto, Girls for the Cure, the Canadian Mental Health Asspciation, Dover's 'Pay Beauty Forward' Program, and a variety of other Canadian based charities.