You can probably admit that you've daydreamed about what it would be like to meet your favourite celebs, even if it's just a cool bump in on the street. Many lucky fans have had the opportunity to formally meet Hollywood entertainers at meet and greets and other events. But fangirling over celebrities is also a thing for people in the entertainment industry too. And it can be even more embarrassing for someone with a big internet presence who can't just hide after and pretend it never happened. Luckily, when Kaitlyn Bristowe and the Kardashians had a relatably awkward meeting at the 2019 PCAs, she smoothly laughed it off. 

The 45th annual People's Choice Awards were held earlier this week. Tons of celebs showed up, took photos, and mingled amongst each other for the night.

It all looked very smooth sailing, but luckily we have some celebrities who give us behind the scenes and inside scoops on what went down.

And Canada's favourite The Bachelor and The Bachelorette alum gave us a hilarious story on her podcast,Off The Vine.

Bristowe is known for her love of Friends and the entire cast, including her hilarious Instagram interaction with Jennifer Aniston last month.

But she's also a huge fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, too. 

Bristowe shared the story yesterday and said that she was "a little mortified" before starting it.

She said she walked right up to the Kardashians, which consisted of Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, and Kris, and started chatting like they were long-time friends.

Bristowe told her listeners, "I was like, 'hey!' And they looked at me and went, 'hey!' And I don’t know if they were just being nice or if they watch the show."

She continued with, "I said, 'I fall asleep to you guys every night. It's so comforting!' And Kourtney was like, 'thanks...' And they all just looked at me like, 'she cray.' But I know they all watch the show, so I was just praying that they knew who I was, and Kourtney really looked at me like she knew. She was like, 'it's good to see you.'"

Luckily, Bristowe's boyfriend, Jason Tartick, came to her rescue and realized she was having a super awkward encounter that she needed saving from.

She continued, "I did not play it cool. I didn't. I told them I fell asleep to them and they were comforting to me and then I bowed down." Then she said, "and then Jason was like, 'let's go find our seats.'"

The Kardashians ended up winning "The Reality Show 2019" award. Watch their acceptance speech below.

We totally get the starstruck experience, especially since Bristowe watches the Kardashians every night and is actually a huge fan. 

Here's hoping the famous family has a sense of humour and are able to laugh off situations like this.

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