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Kaitlyn Bristowe Asked Jennifer Aniston A Major “Friends” Question & She Actually Replied

Jennifer Aniston joining Instagram and then proceeding to break the social platform, will probably go down in social media history. Not only did she cause Instagram to crash, but she also broke the record for hitting one million followers in the shortest amount of time. What makes this entire situation even more iconic is that she's actually been pretty active on the platform and is even interacting with a lot of her followers. The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe asked Jennifer Aniston a Friends question we needed the answer to. 

Now she's not just giving fans shoutouts, or thanking them for their support. When we say interacting with fans we mean she's answering questions that Friends fans have been asking for years. She even answered the most controversial question of them all, were Ross and Rachel actually on a break? 

The best part of this is that she brought up the questionable "we were on a break" scenario all on her own. Her answer? 

She confirmed that Ross and Rachel were in fact on a break despite what Rachel's feelings might have been on the show. 

Former Bachelorette and Canadian Kaitlyn Bristowe is the one to thank for this huge revelation. After asking Aniston, "ARE YOU AND ROSS STILL TOGETHER!!??" Aniston surprisingly responded with, "Well we're on a break." 

Bristowe was just as shocked as we are and even made an entire Instagram post about it. She took a screenshot of the interaction posting it with the caption, "The one where I shit my pants." 

While Aniston preached that she had no idea why she decided to join Instagram on Jimmy Kimmel Live! we think it had something to do with her former castmates. Just last week the entire Friends gang got together for dinner just days after the show celebrated its 25th anniversary. Maybe some of her friends convinced her to hop on, her first picture was a selfie from their reunion, after all. 

Or Maybe Aniston just wanted to troll fans on Instagram with responses like "well we're on a break."

Her Instagram journey is just getting started and there will no doubt be more exciting things coming from this Friends alumni.

We can't wait to keep up with everything Jennifer Aniston, especially her new role on The Morning Show with another former Friends castmate Reese Witherspoon. 

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