Instagram's favourite former The Bachelor contestant shared an adorably heartwarming story yesterday that may have you longing for love. We recently praised Kaitlyn Bristowe when she asked Jennifer Aniston the question we're all dying to know on Instagram. And if you're a superfan then you'd know that she's making a stop in Vancouver as part of her podcast tour. But on her post, we learned that Kaitlyn Bristowe's boyfriend, Jason Tartrick, met her at her podcast studio in a fateful encounter. 

The Alberta born star and her beau, Jason Tartick, have known each other for a year but according to ET, they went on their first real date in January 2019. They also reported that the couple already lives together and adopted a dog, an adorable golden retriever that can be seen all over Bristowe's Instagram page. 

In her very lengthy and heartfelt post, Bristowe shared the story of what happened on the day they met. She said that she wanted to cancel the podcast after having a bad day crying in the uber on the way to the studio. But luckily she followed through on her plans because she walked in and immediately met her future boyfriend. Bristowe also wrote that Tartick was also going to bail on the podcast that day when he got an eye infection, but went in anyway. Sounds irresponsible on his part but when it ends in a love story, it's just that much cuter. 

Towards the end of the post, Bristowe talks about how caring and energetic her bae is saying, "If you spend two seconds with Jason you realize his energy is electric and you can’t help but be in a good mood. My day had changed. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I thought of Jason as a friend and wanted him to be the bachelor. He actually helped me through a hard time. I just wanted him to be happy."

Bristowe's Instagram isn't short of photos of them together, and it's obviously she is incredibly in love with him. When speaking with ET earlier this year, she told them that the couple are already discussing engagement rings and having children. So they're certainly ready to get their life together started.

Do you believe this was a fateful story or just a stroke of luck?

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