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Kanye West Just Deleted All Of His Social Media After Controversial Statements

Kanye West deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts on Saturday.
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Kanye West Just Deleted All Of His Social Media After Controversial Statements

In this new age of social media, it's common for celebrities to delete or de-activate their social media accounts after they've been caught in a scandal. It's no different for Yeezy, Ye or whatever you prefer to call him. 

Kanye West decided to take down all of his social media platforms on Saturday afternoon and while most of us would wonder why we definitely have a hunch on why the Chicago rapper got rid of his Twitter. 

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It was just last week that Kanye made some shocking remarks during his stint on Saturday Night Live. On the show, West wore Donald Trump's famous "Make America Great Again" hat and that was enough to have fans in the audience upset. 

Not only was he in trouble for wearing the MAGA hat, he also tweeted about how he thinks that the 13th amendment should be abolished. To be clear, the 13th amendment was put in place to rid America of slavery by abolishing slavery. If the amendment was abolished, that means people could be enslaved again in the United States.

Understandably, these comments shocked his fans and fellow celebs. Everyone online had something to say about his shocking statements. Later, West clarified that he meant that the 13th amendment should be amended, not abolished. 

We're not surprised that Kanye decided to take down his Instagram and Twitter accounts. If you search for them now, they've disappeared from the platforms. West has made some crazy remarks in the past, but this was beyond anything we could've imagined.

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We're not surprised that he decided to take a break from social media. 

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