We know how annoying it is to return any type of gift. You feel bad, you don't really want the person who got it for you to know, and it's awkward if they find out. So imagine 'returning' a 14 million dollar condo that you got someone for Christmas. Can't relate. Well, Kanye West just returned his $14 million Christmas Gift to Kim Kardashian, and the reason is pretty ridiculous. 

While the couple seems to always be full of surprises, Kim wasn't in on this one! Even though you can't really return a house, Kim made Kanye back out of the deal. The condo, which is located in Miami, is on the beachfront, is 4,700 square feet, and has a ton of room for all of their kids. So what went wrong?

Well, privacy. For someone who lives their life on social media as well as documents everything on their hit show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim felt as though the condo was not private enough. So Kanye had to forget about the $600,000 deposit he put down, which at this point is probably just pocket change. 

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Now that Kanye has 'returned' the gift he got Kim, they're apparently still in the market for a new home in Miami. They have their eye on a vacation home that is more private, and will definitely be much more than $14 million. These are such Kardashian problems, guys. But hey, to each their own.