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Kanye West Suing For $10M After Last Year's Breakdown

The aftermath of the 2016 St. Pablo tour incident.

Kanye West is back at it again! This time he's filing a $10 million lawsuit against the insurance firm Lloyd's of London.

This comes after the insurance firm was apparently withholding payments from the superstar after he cancelled his St. Pablo tour in the fall last year, due to a mental breakdown. The insurance firm is also claiming the withheld payments are a result of West's apparent use of marijuana. 

During last year's tour, West put the upcoming schedule to a halt after going on a 15 minute rant, bashing various A-listers including Jay-Z, Beyoncé, mark Zuckerberg, Former U.S. President Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. 

No decision or talks by the insurance firm have been made to Kanye West's touring company Very Good, and West's lawyer also noted that there are no reasonable grounds to withhold payment regarding any instances of marijuana use. West's lawsuit also states that the insurance firm relayed confidential information about him during his tour to news outlets, and that even the doctor chosen by the firm to assess West's condition noted that he did not have the mental capacity to carry on the tour. 

Lloyd's of London said that they are note able to make a statement on the case due to confidentiality.