Throughout life, everyone goes through ups and downs that shape us into the person that we're meant to be. Going through these things privately can be hard enough, but having to go through them while in the public eye adds an entirely different level of difficulty for people. A prime example of this classic rise and fall can be seen in the life of Kanye West. The rapper and producer has been a huge name in the industry for years, but as of late, his name has been associated with tons of scandals and drama that can't be easy to deal with. Despite the negativity, West is still keeping a positive attitude, and finally released his highly anticipated album last week, which he's now doing plenty of promotion for. Kanye West's Carpool Karaoke episode included a Nelly Furtado cover.

If you're not familiar with Carpool Karaoke, the concept of the show is simple - it usually involves comedian James Corden driving around with a celebrity, asking them all kinds of burning questions, and of course, pausing for some epic musical moments.

Since Ye just released his album Jesus is King last Friday, he's been keeping busy with all sorts of promotional events, and of course, planning his legendary Sunday Services.

As mentioned earlier, Carpool Karaoke usually takes place in a vehicle, but West tends to travel in large parties along with his choir, so Corden met up with him for some "airpool karaoke" instead so that audiences at home could get a taste of Sunday Service.

In the interview, Ye talked about what inspired him to start his latest project (his time in the hospital), the lyric he wrote that he knew would change his life ("she got a light skin friend look like Michael Jackson, got a dark skin friend look like Michael Jackson"), and of course, his marriage to Kim Kardashian, who he admitted he would love to have a total of seven kids with.

In between answering all of Corden's questions, West and his choir performed a few songs for the camera including Ye's own "Jesus Walks" and "Selah", as well as a gospel cover of Canadian Nelly Furtado's hit song, "I'm Like A Bird".

You can check out the entire interview clip below, or if you just want to check out the Furtado cover, tune in at the 15:45 mark.

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