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Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Are Feuding Again And It Will Never End

They're fighting again.
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Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Are Feuding Again And It Will Never End

We're convinced that the Katy Perry and Taylor Swift war will never end. At this point, we don't know if it's for publicity or if they truly just despise one another. One thing is definitely clear though, they will never stop trashing each other.

The whole bit between the two superstars is getting old. They can't stop fighting. If you need a recap, it all started way back in 2012, when Taylor Swift accused Katy Perry of stealing her backup dancers from her Red album tour. 

The two have been fighting back and forth ever since. Fans suspected that Taylor's Bad Blood video was aimed at Katy and that Katy's Swish Swish lyrics were about Taylor. The drama has been never-ending.

Even though Katy called for a truce last year, it seems they can't keep each other's names out of their mouths. Most recently, Katy was confronted by a T-Swift lover while she was judging American Idol... and now the feud has been awoken. 

When the contestant was asked who he looks up to as an artist, he responded "Sorry for this Katy... Taylor Swift." At first, Katy was calm and collected and responded by saying, "Oh, you don't have to be sorry". But then the contestant reiterated how he really loves Taylor Swift.

This is when things got awkward... Katy stumbled over her words as she responded to the Swifty. "I love her as a songwriter as .. as well". Fans are accusing Katy of reigniting the war between her and Taylor. Was she insinuating that she's a good songwriter, but a bad person? We're not sure what Katy meant, but we do know that it was super awkward.

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