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This Ontario Butter Tart Tour Is The Most Canadian Fall Adventure You'll Ever Take

You'll be 'falling' for these gooey treats!
This Ontario Butter Tart Tour Is The Most Canadian Fall Adventure You'll Ever Take

Ahh, the butter tart. A prized Canadian dessert oozing with sweet, buttery filling and wrapped in a flakey, soft crust. Is there anything more worthy of our national pride than this mouth-watering treat? This fall, embark on a magical journey that lets you taste some of Ontario's most treasured butter tarts. The Kawarthas Butter Tart Tour offers you a chance to taste some all-time favourites as well as enjoy a fun road trip!

If you, like many Canadians, are a butter tart fanatic, then you need to follow this gooey, delicious trail! The tour runs year-round, with over fifty participating locations throughout Kawarthas Northumberland. 

This self-guided tour allows you to explore the many quaint bakeries and shops at your own pace. While it may be tempting to visit all of the locations in one day, it's a good idea to divide the tour up over a longer period of time to avoid butter tart induced comas. Take a car, bike, or even a boat through these charming areas and stop for some tarts along the way!

Some favourite venues include Doo Doo's Bakery, home to the award-winning sweet potato butter tart, and Baked 4 U, selling delicious Bailey's tarts. Doo Doo's Stompin' Tom Maple Whiskey Tart is probably the most Canadian tart you'll find!

You'll want to order a box to go at these scrumptious locations because one tart just isn't enough. The tour's Trip Planner tool allows you to organize your adventure and see which heavenly shops you want to visit first!

The tour is the perfect day trip adventure or quick-stop if you're passing through. Keep track of which places you've visited and see just how many you can make it to!

Kawarthas Butter Tart Tour

Price: Free

Address: Various locations across Kawarthas Northumberland

Why you need to go: Journey across the beautiful Kawarthas area to some of Ontario's most delicious butter tart shops.