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This Popular Coffee Chain Actually Banned Kawhi From Their Stores All Because He Signed With The Clippers

It's not just Torontonians that are upset Kawhi signed with the Clippers!

Kawhi didn't just break the hearts of Raptors fans when he decided to sign with the Clippers, but Lakers fans too. Popular chain Alfred Coffee banned Kawhi Leonard from their stores. As of now, Kawhi is banned from “from all Alfred locations” and it's all because he didn't sign with the Lakers, but with the Clippers instead, according to Eater LA. We wonder how Kawhi feels about the ban. 

Alfred Coffee is a popular chain with several stores in the Los Angeles area, as well as international locations such as in Tokyo and Osaka. They are also known for the phrase "BUT FIRST, COFFEE". 

Many Californians love to go to Alfred Coffee, but it looks like Kawhi won't be one of them. According to Yahoo!, the store has banned both him and new Clippers player Paul George. Not only that, but Alfred Coffee reportedly told their social media followers that more details about the ban would be coming. 

Kawhi had been deciding between the Clippers, Lakers and Raptors, and after several days of silence, it was finally revealed this past weekend that the basketball star had signed with the Clippers for the upcoming season

Now, it seems like some Laker fans aren't happy with his move. The Lakers have been trying to convince him to sign with them for a while, and celebrity fan Snoop Dogg even wrote a song asking him to sign with the Lakers

As always, the Internet has many thoughts on the supposed banning. Some support it, some are against it, and others took the opportunity to make some jokes. 

The news has since made it onto the Lakers thread of Reddit, and gone viral with over 400 comments and 2,600 upvotes. Many Lakers fans took the opportunity to praise the coffee chain. 

Of course, not everyone is pleased by this move. Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts. 

Although the news was devastating, in light of his departure from the Toronto Raptors, Canadians have been reacting as Canadians do by thanking Kawhi and expressing their gratitude towards the basketball star

If you want to see him back on Canadian soil, Kawhi will be coming to Vancouver, BC with the Clippers this fall for a preseason game.