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Kawhi Leonard: What Are The Chances Of Him Re-Signing With The Toronto Raptors?

Kawhi Leonard's possible re-sign with Toronto Raptors has fans speculating about what's to come.

Kawhi Leonard was, hands down, the biggest acquisition the Toronto Raptors have made in franchise history. The former NBA champion and finals MVP has made his mark in Toronto and is having the best statistical season of his career. Leonard came equipped with a set of skills that have helped the Toronto Raptors with another successful season and hopefully, an even more successful playoff run. With all this in mind, an important question remains. What are the chances that the Raptors will sign Kawhi Leonard at the end of this season?

Leonard's future is one of the biggest guessing games in the NBA right now. Everyone's trying to figure out which way he's leaning, including his teammates and the Raptors organization. Fans are keeping an eye on him on and off the court, studying his body language and every word he says in his rare interviews. Does he really like playing in Toronto, and can he see himself with the Raptors for a few more years?

It's possible that Leonard doesn't even know what his game plan is for next season at this point. If he does, he’s done a really good job keeping it under wraps.

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Take Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George for example, who was in the same situation as Leonard last season. George left Indiana in hopes of becoming a Laker, but ended up getting traded to OKC, where he would play for one season. By the end of that season, George didn’t even meet with the Lakers and instead signed a new deal to stay with OKC. Now, he's having an MVP-type year.

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We know that Paul George reached out to Leonard to share his experience with him and give Leonard some advice on the situation he’s in right now. George said in an interview that what he said to Leonard was for only for them to know. “That's between us," George said, according to The Bleacher Report. Which keeps us guessing more than ever.

If you asked any Raptors fan at the beginning of the season, they likely would've told you that there was no chance in hell that Leonard would choose to stay with the team. But, as the season has gone on, Leonard has immersed himself in Toronto sports culture. He seems to be fitting right in with the Raptors organization. Coupled with the fact that the Raptors are confident in the offer they can give him - being the biggest contract out of all teams, it's speculated that the Raptors have a 50/50 chance of signing him, reports the Toronto Sun.

Regardless, this is certainly going to be an exciting playoff run for the Raptors.