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Kawhi Leonard May Be Gone But His Son Is Still A Canadian

The family will have Canada in their hearts forever.

In his first public press conference since leaving the Toronto Raptors, Kawhi Leonard dropped some major details about his time in Toronto, specifically about his family. The basketball star revealed not only that his partner, Kishele Shipley had a baby during his season with the Raptors but it was just confirmed that Kawhi Leonard's son is a Canadian citizen. 

At the press conference with the LA Clippers today, Kawhi thanked the fans in Toronto and all of Canada for everything they had done for him. He then went on to especially thank the doctors here, who he says delivered his son three-months ago. He also revealed that the baby is still really healthy, and while he didn't give us any more details about the baby or his name, we were able to learn one thing: Kawhi Leonard's son is, in fact, a Canadian. 

The birth of Kawhi's son was first reported back in April when he missed a Raptors game in Chicago due to "personal reasons." Then reports suggested that Kawhi and Kishele Shipley had been seen at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital and allegedly had a baby boy. 

Now those rumours have been confirmed by Kawhi himself. While he didn't specify which hospital his son was born at, by thanking the doctors here it's very clear that the baby was born in "The North". 

That also means that even though Kawhi is gone, the Leonard family will always carry a piece of Canada with them. Kawhi's young son is officially a Canadian citizen thanks to our "jus soli" laws. 

According to Canadian immigration and citizenship law, "jus soli" which means "right of soil" states that anyone born on Canadian land automatically becomes a Canadian citizen, even if their parents are not Canadians. Since Kawhi's baby was born here, he is now a Canadian citizen, even though Kawhi and Kishele Shipley are not. 

When reports first came out that Kawhi had a baby here in Canada fans were hopeful that this citizenship tie would encourage the superstar to stay here but now, three months later that is clearly not the case. Nonetheless, it will hopefully mean that Canada will have a special place in the family's hearts forever.