Kayaking is a favorite pastime no matter what time of year it is. There are so many hidden treasures in Georgia with the most awe-striking sights as you paddle through enchanting places you never knew existed. Among these hidden gems are the Cypress Forests at Banks Lake and we can promise it is one of the most amazing places to go kayaking in Georgia

The Cypress Forests in Lakeland, Georgia near Valdosta make up a rare and untouched part of nature in the Southeast that many don't realize exists. The forests, which are part of Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge are comprised of glassy, reflective swamp lands of still water. This is the absolute ideal spot to take a quiet and serene kayak trip so it's a must on your list of natural adventures in The Peach State.

You'll feel tiny as you paddle through the wetlands, where massive moss-draped cypress trees tower over you. The sight of their billowing brush pour over into the reflection of the shiny water. Georgia goes to great lenghts to keep the refuge preserved and beautiful; there's just something so enticing about gorgeous land untouched by man, because there isn't much of it left. 

This cypress swamp is right in the center of Alapaha Water Trail where you can access Banks Lake with your kayaks. You'll be engulfed in the 1,000 acres of marsh, 1,600 acres of cypress swamp and 900 acres of open water. You'd think something this gigantic wouldn't be so discrete. 

Pack your canoes or kayaks for this South Georgia road trip where you will slowly make your way through bright green lily pads as you take in the natural wonders surrounding you at every angle. This magical, enchanting adventure is an unmatched picturesque fairtytale. It will definitely be an experience you won't forget.

Remember to respect nature and keep the preserved refuge clean and gorgeous for all to enjoy.

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Cypress Forests At Banks Lank

Price: Free

Address: 1099 W Main St., Lakeland, GA 31635

Why You Need To Go: Go on an enchanting adventure through one of the Southeast's most beautiful hidden treasures in Georgia's preserved wetlands forests.