You Can Explore A Glowing Underwater Lily Forest On This Kayak Tour In Florida

Go with the glow.
Kayaking Tours In Winter Park Include One That Takes You Through An Underwater Lily Forest

Wade into the glow at this magical spot in Florida. You can go on a luminous kayak tour that leads you through a vast lily forest. Kayaking tours in Winter Park include one that lets you explore an extraordinary underwater world at night. The clear kayaks have neon lights that let you see straight through to the lilies below for an ultra-captivating experience. 

You can go paddling at night with Get Up And Go Kayaking at Winter Park Chain of Lakes, located just outside Orlando. The kayaking company is open now and is currently offering glow tours of this enchanting spot. 

This glow-in-the-dark adventure is like no other in the state. You'll glide for hours through a forest of floating lilypads and feel like you're in a mesmerizing dream. The endless sea of lilies is a unique excursion

The company's crystal-clear kayaks feature LED lights that glow green, blue, and red while you paddle through the darkness. These bright lights illuminate countless lily pads as you pass over them. 

The nighttime tours last about two hours and cost $55 per person. You can even watch the video below to get a sneak peek of this glowing journey.

The Winter Park Chain of Lakes also offers a series of Venetian-style canals you can explore. These winding passageways will transport you to the jungle as you paddle past mossy trees and tropical plants.

Reservations are required, so you will need to call ahead before you can immerse yourself in a gleaming wonderland of underwater flowers.

Get Up And Go Kayaking Winter Park

Price: $55 per person

Address: 410 Ollie Ave., Winter Park, FL

Why You Need To Go: Have you ever seen a forest of glowing lilypads? This nighttime kayaking tour will give you all the breathtaking views. 

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