All the Canada Day festivities may now be over, but we're about to give you another reason to celebrate being Canadian. Two of the most Canadian dishes of all time are coming together for an epic collaboration. This is what food dreams are made of. KD and Smoke's Poutinerie are releasing a new poutine dish together this month and it's the most Canadian food item ever. 

Just last week, it was revealed that KD was hoping to team up with Smoke's Poutinerie to release the ultimate Canadian poutine dish. They posted a tweet on their Twitter account and asked Canadians to cast their vote and help make the dish a reality. 

"Canada! Let's end the debate on our national dish. Thoughts on #KDPoutine? Smoke's @Poutinerie, let's collab if we get 25K votes!
," read the tweet posted on July 24.

The poll ended up receiving over 30,000 votes and the companies are now sticking to their promise of making Kraft Dinner poutine a real thing. 

"All they needed was 25K votes on Twitter from Canadians to bring it to life," reads the press release. "Well…… it happened and the debate is over. Over 30,000 Canadians voted and more than half voted for the #KDPoutine - our great national dish". 

The new poutine collaboration will launch on July 15, 2019. There will be not just one, but three flavours to choose from – KD bacon mac ‘n’ cheese, KD mac ‘n’ cheeseburger, and KD buffalo mac ‘n’ cheese.

According to a press release sent to Narcity, the #KDPoutine is coming to life and you'll be able to try it at every single Smoke’s Poutinerie location in Canada – could you be any more excited?