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KD Wants To Team Up With Smoke's Poutinerie To Create An Epic Canadian National Dish

And they need your help to make it happen.

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With Canada Day around the corner, we’re pretty much drooling in anticipation of what’s always an epic holiday menu. Think cheese by the pound and BBQ-everything. While everyone has their fave Canadian dish, one thing’s for certain: There’s OBVIOUSLY no beating cheese, especially when it comes to KD... and poutine!

But... what exactly is Canada’s national dish? It’s been a hotly debated topic among friends, foes, and foodies for years. Thankfully, KD is here to put an end to the debate with the #KDPoutine.

Yep, you read that right: KD wants to team up with the nationally beloved poutine geniuses, Smoke’s Poutinerie, to combine two of Canada’s favourite dishes! I mean, we shouldn’t have to choose between KD and poutine, right? Right.

From childhood to adulthood, Canadians have had KD as a staple in their pantries, and have always loved its warm, comforting, and, well, iconic goodness! In fact, we actually eat three times more of this epic delight than the U.S. It's no wonder why the "KD" nickname that's embedded in our language has pretty much replaced "Kraft Dinner." It’s deliciously cheesy. It’s iconically Canadian. And you know what? Only we have the power to take our KD love to the next level!

That's right! Get this: KD needs your help to make the #KDPoutine happen. In fact, without your vote and support in convincing Smoke’s Poutinerie to sign on for this delicious combination, no Canadian will ever taste #KDPoutine. But first, let’s talk about what exactly the KD poutine is, shall we?

Of course, it all begins with classic hand-cut fries. Then comes the gravy. Double yum. Finally, there are the cheese curds. Combine all this melt-in-your-mouth goodness with the creamy, dreamy deliciousness of KD on top and BAM, you’ve got yourself a #KDPoutine, friends.

Now that we’ve tickled your taste buds, here’s the 411 on how you can make the #KDPoutine the real deal. First, visit KD on Twitter. Next, vote to make #KDPoutine Canada’s national dish via the Twitter poll. If KD secures 25,000 votes and convinces Smoke’s Poutinerie to sign up for the challenge, they’ll join forces to bring this delicious mash-up to life!

Just make sure to place your vote before 11:59 A.M. on June 27! You can also voice your opinion and spread the good word using #KDPoutine. Until then, stay snackin', friends!