It seems like Hollywood has decided that their new favourite couple is the gentle Canadian Keanu Reeves and his talented and successful girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. Over the past week, headlines have been blowing up with news of their relationship and updates as we find out more about the couple. And we recently learned that what we thought was a brand new relationship has actually been ongoing for years. Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant are reportedly "serious" and "in love" with each other after Reeves seemed to have been single for over a decade. 

The couple made their first public appearance last week at an art and film gala. Although they didn't explicitly state that they're dating, they were hand in hand and didn't leave each other's sides the whole night. 

And recently, Life & Style Magazine reported that their insider sources told them that the couple is "in love … Keanu can see himself spending the rest of his life with her."

Their insider also reported that the couple is "getting serious" which would make perfect sense considering they may have been together for years before making their first public appearance last week.

After all, Reeves lives an incredibly private life so for him to bring a date to a gala is actually quite a huge deal, especially after years as a single man. 

Reeves' rocky past with love started with his two-year-long relationship with actress, Jennifer Syme. 

The couple started dating in 1998, and a year later were expecting a daughter together. However, when Syme had a stillbirth, it broke both of their hearts and created a distance in their relationship.

Shortly after in 2000, Reeves and Syme broke up, but still remained friends. 

A year later in 2001, Syme died in a car accident after driving while under the influence and without a seat belt.

Syme's death devastated Reeves even though they ended their relationship over a year prior. He took time off of work to emotionally deal with his loss and has been very reluctant to enter serious relationships since the early 2000s.  

Life & Style's source also said that Grant is "one of the few people who’s managed to get Keanu to open up about his emotions and past."

So, if Grant managed to break the barrier that Reeves has been keeping over his heart for all these years, then she's definitely an important person in his life. 

Reeves has also been romantically linked to his Speed costar, Sandra Bullock, who he admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he actually had feelings for in the mid-'90s.

But for now, Keanu Reeves is happily committed to Alexandra Grant and it's so great to know he's happy and in love. 

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