Canadians put down your pens, stop your season's greetings, and rethink your Christmas card purchases this year because we found the perfect Canadian Christmas card. This Keanu Reeves Canadian Christmas card is what we all need to have a proper holiday. Say goodbye to those generic holiday greeting cards and hello to "Keanu Wreathes." 

It's a well-known fact by now that Keanu Reeves has made the comeback of a century.

First with his John Wick movie, then Toy Story 4 and the announcement of Matrix 4, and now finally with the creation of his very own Christmas card. 

He's been in the media a lot lately. Mostly for being known as a never-ageing Hollywood icon and more importantly for his recent relationship status change. 

This Canadian celeb finally found his match, Alexandra Grant, after almost a decade of being single. 

It's safe to say that Always Fits, an online gift store, had the right idea when making their "Keanu Wreathes" card. 

The card features an extremely accurate cartoon version of Keanu Reeves surrounded by wreaths, both on his head and around his neck. 

The online store also offers other Christmas cards that feature other fan-favourite celebs and characters like The Office cast and the Saved By The Bell cast. 

The official name for the card is, "It's Keanu Wreaths" and sells for $5.50 each on the website. However, if you by in bulk, the cards do come at a discounted price.

You know what that means. Stock up and send it to all of your Canadian friends and family members. 

It's going to be a "Keanu Wreaths" Christmas.  

You can check out the cards on the Always Fits website here

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