We all love a good Keanu Reeves sighting. While we're all waiting for The Matrix 4 to come out, it's fun to see what the star has been up to. Yesterday, Keanu Reeves was spotted grabbing Sunday brunch at Neptune's in Malibu. The restaurant posted the cutest photo and the star was all smiles. 

A masked worker at Neptune's took a selfie with Reeves, who was clad in a black leather-looking jacket and a matching dark beanie.

Neptune's Net shared the photo on Twitter, writing "Keanu Reeves in the house! @thegarybusey #pointbreak #neptunes #takeoutonly."

This seafood joint offers breathtaking ocean views and is famous for its celebrity guests including the original Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson and Owen Wilson.

If you're hungry, it's also the perfect place to stop for fish and chips or a fresh calamari basket. Yum.

Narcity reached out to Neptunes and the restaurant declined to reveal what he ordered.

While many A-list celebrities are posting their social distancing routines at home, sing along concerts, and fun Instagram live videos, Reeves appears to be off the grid.

Early February and last month, he was filming The Matrix's fourth installment in San Francisco. And from the looks of things, there were some pretty epic stunts. 

Think rooftop rappelling from skyscrapers, motorcycle drive-by scenes downtown and of course - his floor-length black leather jacket in all its '90s nostlagia glory.

While his series filming has been put on pause, we're happy to have caught a glimpse of him getting a little fresh air with his to-go meal in Malibu.

Nothing's better than the fresh sea breeze.

Hopefully, he'll release some new behind the scenes Matrix footage that we can binge on soon. For now, we'll be revisiting the first three of the series and watching John Wick in our PJs.

Catch you next time, Keanu!