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Kendall Jenner Definitely Got Lip Injections And Here Are The Pictures To Prove It

Kendall Jenner just announced that she is the new face of Longchamp. She just attended the opening of their new store in NYC and attended the launch of Tiffany & Co.'s Paper Flowers jewellery line. While posing for photos, fans started to notice something different about the reality star. 

A few years ago, Kendall's sister, Kylie had a "lip controversy" after she underwent cosmetic surgery. She had very clearly gotten lip injections but refused to comment on them. Well, it looks like Kenny has taken a page out of her sister's book.

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Kendall has always been known as the natural beauty in the Kardashian family. She usually sports less makeup than her sisters and doesn't have any obvious plastic surgery. But it's very obvious after seeing photos of Kendall at the Longchamp store opening in NYC that something looks different.

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Her lips look way larger, plumper and more luscious than before. It looks like Kendall's lips are definitely way bigger than before.

Fans have been suspicious that Kendall has been getting lip injections over the past year or so, but now fans are 99% sure that she's getting her lips plumped up.