To all of us, Kendall Jenner probably seems like the one Kardashian-Jenner sister that isn't as close as everyone else. This could be because she's out of town modeling pretty much all of the time, but to her, there's a completely different reason. Kendall Jenner just said she doesn't "fit in" with the Kardashians and fans are rolling their eyes

In an interview with The Telegraph, Kendall is pretty much an open book. She recently revealed her struggle with acne through her partnership with Proactiv, which fans are still not happy about. But this time she's opening up about her struggle with not fitting in, and she blames it on 'not being curvy'. 

When you look at Kendall, you probably see the perfect model body. She's tall, stunning, and has legs for days. But when Kendall looks in the mirror, she sees something she doesn't have and that all of her sisters have. She told The Telegraph, "My sisters are a lot curvier than me. They have boobs and I don't have boobs. Growing up being this little twiggy girl, I saw my sisters and always thought, ‘Oh no, am I supposed to be sexy like them?’”

Now, Kendall, sweetie. We have to remember that the Kardashians are known for their bodies, which are pretty much all altered. Of course, Kendall isn't going to come out and say her sister's butts are all fake, but we know. Cue eye roll. 

Kendall also mentioned another reason why she doesn't fit in with her family, and while she probably meant well, it seems like she's trying to make her name her own. She said, "I'm not necessarily a lot like them. I like that I have a different vibe to everyone. I like to do different things. And that's okay.” Okay, girl. 

I think fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians can all agree that Kendall is more shy and reserved, and that's totally okay. She also likes to keep her private life private, and definitely doesn't take after her sisters when it comes to her love life. She's been dating basketball player Ben Simmons for a while, but you'll probably never see a photo of them together on her Instagram.

Maybe the rest of them, especially Khloe, should take notes?