Kendall Jenner graced our Instagram feeds with a topless photo last night. Everything, from the towel in her hair to the wine glass in her hand, is absolutely flawless. Except for one incriminating detail. 

Fans were quick to notice the warped curve of the wall just behind her stomach. Immediately, Kendall was put on blast for photoshopping herself to make her stomach flatter. Or skinnier. Or something. 

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"Photoshop belly failed," one commenter said. "@kendalljenner your walls are bending, or you have a very basic photoshop level." Other commenters are calling her out for trying to look more perfect than she already is. "Girl what's wrong with having a belly?" someone asks.

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Poor Kendall, her fans were completely unforgiving. One savage comment in particular reads, "Worst photoshop ever. You make good money and you can afford to be presented better than this. Do you or Kris look at this stuff before it posts to Instagram? Protect your image and your brand."

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Either Kendall is rolling her eyes at all of this, or she's brushing up on her Photoshop skills for future topless photo ops.