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Kendall Jenner Posted A Picture Of Her New Hair And Fans Are Divided On How They Feel About It

Kendall Jenner asked her Instagram followers what they thought of her new bangs.

Are you sitting down right now? We have some ~*breaking*~ news to deliver, and based on how Instagram is reacting, we're not sure how you're going to handle it. Much like waxing our eyebrows, we're just going to do it fast and hope for the best. Rea—KENDALL JENNER GOT BANGS. Last night, Kendall debuted her new hairstyle on Instagram and asked fans "yes, no, maybe so?" in the caption. People had a lot to say. 

Instagram users love to give their opinions even when they're NOT asked for them, so you can imagine the tsunami of comments when Kendall solicited their thoughts. In the post, Kendall shared one pouty selfie and two videos (one rocking a pair of skinny baby shades). Her new bangs are long and graze her eyebrows. TBH, we first thought it was a wig. But, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin confirmed in her Instagram Story that she did, IN FACT, give Kendall bangs. 

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Scrolling through the comments (more than 33,000 of them!!!), fans have mixed reactions to Kendall's new 'do. Some followers are totally living for the new look. "Get any hotter I dare you," one user commented. Others call the move a mistake. "This doesn't suit you," one user wrote. More than a few fans have said Kendall now resembles another KarJenner: her mom, Kris. "You look JUST like your mommmm *three heart eyes emojis* I love it," commented an enthusiastic fan. 

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We should note this isn't a BRAND new look for Kendall. She also rocked bangs at the AMAs back in 2015. Nevertheless, this change is a major departure from how she's been wearing her hair the past few years. TBH, I'm kinda digging it. Kudos to Kendall for mixing things up. Some Instagram users commented that after seeing Kendall's new hairstyle they're now thinking about bangs for themselves. And, you know what? SAME. 

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