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Kendall Jenner's Boyfriend Blake Griffin Apparently Left His Fiancee And Kids For Her

Seems like Kendall Jenner is stuck in the middle of a mess. But none of it is her fault. Blake Griffin, who formally played for the Los Angeles Clippers, had a fiancee when him and Kendall first met. According to legal documents, his ex-fiancee Brynn Cameron, is suing him for leaving unannounced and refusing to provide "financial support to Cameron pursuant to their oral agreement that she would give up her career goals and aspirations to raise their children and support’s Griffin’s career," according to Us Weekly.

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Apparently Blake had 0 issues leaving his family for Kendall Jenner, which leaves his ex-fiancee and two kids, a four-year-old son and one-year-old daughter, out in the dust. Blake Griffin found out about his trade from the LA Clippers to the Detroit Pistons on social media, and that's also how his wife found out he was dating one of the KarJenner sisters. Ouuuf, karma at it's finest.

One of the things that kept Blake and his ex-fiancee from getting married was her refusal to sign the prenup. That essentially pushed back their wedding, and the two attending couples therapy. While in couples therapy, Blake started pursuing Kendall and the rest is history. It's no secret that Kendall supports her boyfriend, as she shows up to his home games whenever she's not travelling the world modelling.

Rumours of the two started in September 2017, but Blake 'humiliated' his family in August 2017 when he was seen with Jenner in the Hamptons when he told his wife and kids he would be in Oklahoma. That is when he explained to his ex-fiancee that he was done with their marriage. This seems like such a good storyline for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but as we all know, Kendall hardly ever appears on the show anymore. We can dream, though.

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