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Kesha Opens Up About Struggling With An Eating Disorder In New Interview

Kesha bravely opened up to Anthony Mason when she admitted in an interview that she struggled with an eating disorder in the past. She did an interview for "For The Record" and admitted that she was in a dark place a few years ago and had a severe eating disorder.

In the interview, she admits that in January 2014 she had to seek treatment for her disorder. She says, "I just, like, hated myself so much. I had so much sadness. I was projecting [a] person that promotes self-love. And I was doing one of that for myself." 

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She goes on to say, she decided to admit herself to Timberline Knolls, a treatment facility near Chicago. When the interviewer asked if she was persuaded into checking in by loved ones, she said, "No, I was the one that was like, 'Ok, I have to."

Kesha was very vocal about her allegations against Dr. Luke, the record producer that she claims manipulated her, took advantage of her and sexually abused her on her rise to fame. Although she couldn't legally comment on the ongoing battle with him, we have to wonder if these traumatic events are linked.

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Kesha explains that she spent two months in treatment, which began her road to recovery. "I was in such a dark hole of a place." She went on to say, "The song Rainbow, I kind of wrote as, like, a letter to myself, to like, 'You can get it back."

With regards to Dr. Luke, when she was asked about him, she did say, "There's only so much somebody can take." Her legal battle is still going on. She finally released new music, which she claims she was unable to under Dr. Luke. Her first new album in five years, "Rainbow" was released last summer. She concluded the interview by saying that she's happy that she took her life back.

Source: CBS News