Keurig Canada Is Selling A Cold Brew Coffee Maker For Under $60

Just in time for summer.
Keurig Canada Is Selling A Cold Brew Coffee Maker For Under $60
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Some of us might be satisfied with treating ourselves to the actual beverage form of heaven once in a while; but for others, cold coffees are far more than a treat - they're a way of life. For those of us who've replaced water with the sweet savour of cold, creamy caffeine, good news: Keurig Canada is selling a cold brew coffee maker for under $60.

A collaboration between Canada-based coffee company Van Houtte and Asobu, a brand specializing in creating premium drinkware, the Van Houtte Cold Brew Coffee Maker is currently listed on the Keurig Canada website for $59.99.

Right now, it also has 4.3 stars on the website, with multiple reviewers praising its ease-of-use.

Many reviews also mention that it makes their cold brews come out tasting great, with one even mentioning it helps them save money - which, let's be real, is great when the majority of your budget goes to cold coffee.

The best part? The machine is compatable with lots of different types of coffees and grinds, according to the description - so you no longer need to be chained to whatever roast your local barista likes to use.

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The product's also listed on the website as being double-walled (so it keeps your brew nice and fresh for a while) and portable.

And for those of us who might be under the impression that normal coffee makers can get the job done just as good? You might be surprised to know that cold brews are a whole different breed of coffee altogether.

Typically, these types of coffee makers don't use any heat throughout the entire brewing process - so your coffee will have a more complex and full flavour profile.

If you've ever tried a cold brew you love, then you already know.

Of course, if you're more of a hot cup o' joe kind of person, you might want to look into Keurig Canada's other coffee makers - they're all compatable with the brand's K-Cup coffee pods, many of which are now recyclable as well.

Miranda Cipolla
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