Okay, so Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are having the most bizarre Instagram feud right now and we don't even know where to begin. As you probably know, The Rock welcomed his third child last week. For some reason that we'll probably never understand, The Rock posted a photo of him holding his newborn daughter with Kevin Hart's face pasted on top of hers. 

The caption is even weirder -- it's a hilarious poem to his "son" Kevin Hart. It says, "Twinkle Twinkle little Hart, I just don't know where to start, Daddy will always love and protect your tiny little soul, Even though you were delivered directly out of the butthole." Wow, who knew The Rock could write such clever poetry!

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Clearly, Kevin Hart wasn't gonna let that one slide. He wasted no time coming up with an even funnier response. Kevin posted a photo an hour ago of him holding his baby girl, but with a cutout of The Rock's face with his tongue hanging out. 

Unlike The Rock's little poem, Kevin got real savage and defensive in his caption. He called him a "little big jackass," "a slobbering baby," and gave him the nickname Baby Big Head. He also claims, "my post is funnier because you can tell that I just smacked the sh*t out of him in this photo." But, he's taking him to Disneyland to apologize. LOL.

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It seems like Kevin Hart used this hilarious feud as an excuse to drop hints about their potential upcoming movie. He mentioned in the caption that he and The Rock were talking about Jumanji 2, a sequel to the first one that came out last year. He also said they talked about "making 2018 possibly our biggest year yet." He said, "We are going to make a sh*t load of money together."

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