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You Can Now Get A $10 Meal For 2 At KFC Canada & It's Cheaper Than Any Other Fried Chicken

This is by far the least expensive fried chicken meal for two people.

Couples who are looking for something easy to do for dinner tonight might want to consider one of the best KFC Canada deals to come along in a while. Right now, for a limited time, you can get a meal deal for two for just $10. That includes four pieces of original recipe chicken, two individual orders of popcorn chicken, two individual fries, and a medium gravy (because you gotta have the gravy)!

If you're looking to spend a little bit more, you can swap out the standard chicken in the order (which is dark meat) for wings (at $4 more) or white meat without wings (for $6 more). If you're feeling bold, you can also substitute the original recipe chicken for hot 'n' spicy.Β 

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This seems like a great deal, and it's certainly not that much to feed two people, but it begs the question: is getting KFC ever really the best deal? For fried chicken enthusiasts, KFC is pretty much the bottom rung. In terms of flavor and quality, Popeye's is usually what most people go for.

But can you get a comparable deal at Popeye's in Canada? That's the big question. After thoroughly looking over their website, the answer is a resounding "we don't know." There are no prices listed on Popeye's Canadian website, and the only items under their promos tab are a buttermilk shrimp meal for one, a summer celebration meal for $30, and the list of daily meal deals (none of which compare to KFC's current deal).

Not only that, but trying to find coupons is even harder. Clicking on the coupons tab brings you to a list of locations, and clicking "see coupons" for any of them brings you to a dead page on the American website. Popeyes may have better quality chicken, but they really need to find some better IT people.

How about Church's Chicken? The forgotten fried chicken chain with locations in Ontario and BC doesn't seem to fare much better. That's not even mentioning the fact that they aren't even nationwide. Their only comparable promo is a coupon for two chicken strip dinners for $13.99. That's hardly anything to get excited about.

So even if you're not a huge KFC fan, it's hard to deny that they've got the best thing going on here. It's a great meal deal for two that you can easily order online (unless you live in Newfoundland, which is actually excluded from the promo).

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