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KFC Canada Is Now Selling Chicken Tenders Coated In BBQ Chips For Just A Month

The new creation is available until November 10 in Canada.
Toronto Staff Writer
KFC Canada Is Now Selling Chicken Tenders Coated In BBQ Chips For Just A Month

Chicken lovers, prepare your taste buds. KFC Canada and Frito Lay Canada just announced the ultimate guilty pleasure food mashup - chicken tenders coated in chips. According to Canadify, the limited-time collab is available now until November. The new creation features KFC's Canadian chicken tenders coated in Lays Bar-B-Q chips. 

According to KFC's news release, the tenders will only be available from October 7, 2019, until November 10, 2019.

KFC tells Narcity that the Lay’s Bar-B-Q Tenders cost about $6.99 for a three-pack and $8.99 for a combo. There are additional bundles available in-store as well.

The fast-food franchise first tested out the tenders in Atlantic Canada back in November 2018. Thankfully, they decided to make it available across the country, so all of Canada can all enjoy this deliciously crispy snack.

KFC Canada also recently delighted its customers with a limited edition Mega Box, a crispy-fried treat that was both cheap and tasty.

"When KFC Canada asked to team up and combine their signature chicken tenders with our quality, Canadian-made potato chips, we knew right away that KFC x Lay's Bar-B-Q Tenders would be a hit," says a rep from PepsiCo Foods. Now, it's time to find out if KFC's new creation actually lives up to the hype.

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