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KFC Just Released New Mini Buckets In Canada For Only $3.49 Each

The perfect to-go option!
KFC Just Released New Mini Buckets In Canada For Only $3.49 Each

KFC enthusiasts will be able to enjoy their love for chicken on a budget this August as KFC has announced their new Mini Go Buckets. For only $3.49, Canadians will be able to pick up one of the four buckets that are offered in a variety of locations across the nation. The killer deal is expected to continue throughout the rest of the summer. 

In their newest promotion, KFC is offering four choices of 'Go Buckets' throughout the summer, all with the same super low price tag of $3.49 CAD. The promotion features a serving of individual fries with your choice of four different chickens items in a cute to-go bucket. Making this meal the perfect thing to snack on when you're traveling this summer. It will even fit in your cup holder! 

At participating restaurants throughout Canada, you are able to choose any of the four options they have to offer, including the Orginal Flatbread Sandwich, Spicy Flatbread Sandwich, Popcorn Chicken, and Orginal Recipe Tenders. 

You can choose between two different flatbread items, both of them coming with a chicken tender wrapped in flatbread and topped with a variety of toppings including lettuce and mayo.

Meanwhile, the popcorn chicken option becomes the perfect to-go option, featuring a bunch of miniature chicken bites that are easy to eat. Finally, the chicken tender option features two delicious chicken tenders that are hand-breaded in KFC's famous 11 herbs and spices. 

While all of these options sound amazing, the buckets are only available for a limited time, so make sure to pick them up while you still can. 

According to Redflag, this deal will only be available until September 30. However, in a statement to Narcity, KFC confirmed: "Despite Red Flag Deal’s mention of an expiration date, there is actually no end date to the Go Buckets and they are part of KFC’s permanent menu."

Not only are these mini-buckets here to stay, but KFC also confirmed that this is the best deal on their menu, saying, "They are however the lowest priced bundle on the KFC menu."  

The Go Buckets are available both for dine-in and online pickup orders and are available at participating stores across Canada. To find a KFC near you, you can visit their website here.