Khloe Is About To Give Birth To Her First Child And We're Excited AF

Khloe Kardashian is about to give birth to her first child! This is not a drill! The mother-to-be is so excited to finally give birth to her baby. She's been waiting for this for months now and she's definitely ready to welcome her baby girl to the world!

According to Hollywood Life, Khloe is due to have her baby any moment now! She may even be in the hospital giving birth as we speak! She just posted an adorable photo on Instagram only two hours ago, claiming that she's ready to give birth asap!

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Khloe's OBGYN posted on Instagram this weekend that she's at an airport, and she loves her job. It didn't take long for fans to speculate that Khloe's doctor is en route to help her give birth. 

The photo is of Khloe and her baby's father, Tristan Thompson. He's holding her pregnant belly and she's leaned in, giving Tristan a cute kiss.

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The caption reads, "We are ready whenever you are little mama🦋".

We can't wait for Khloe to give birth so she can finally reveal the first Thompson-Kardashian child! Here's another picture that Khloe posted at the end of March and she certainly looks like she's ready to pop!

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Here's hoping that Stormi, Chicago and this brand new baby have a playdate together asap! We need to see those three together.

We just know that it's going to be the most extravagant playdate in recorded history.