This Sunday, Khloe was back on her grind, promoting sponsored eyewear as every Kardashian has done (once or a thousand times). Khloe was simply selfieing in her branded eyewear, sharing a promocode with her fans. It was the reflection of her mirrored glasses that really got people talking. 

via @khloekardashian

In Khloe's mirrored aviator shade, we could all clearly see a large pillow. But not just any pillow - a body pillow. The same kind expectant mothers use for support as they sleep. 

As you can clearly see, the lens on the left hand side really showcases the body pillow. Why Khloe didn't move it/notice is beyond me. These girls are social media mavens at this point - in my opinion, it was no accident. Especially that Khloe wore a mirrored sunglass as opposed to a matte. If there's one thing Kardashians know how to do, it's keep people talking!