Finally! Not like we didn't believe it before, but now we have to believe it, right?

While out in New York City filming for Keeping Up With the Kardashians today, Khloe Kardashian let her baby belly show. And it's actually adorable. Dressed in a fur jacket and a tight button up top (probably not the most comfortable), Khloe's baby bump was definitely meant to be seen. 

via @_kuwtkuniverse

And even though this looks like a typical paparazzi photo, Khloe also posed for photos at her Good American press luncheon with the coat completely open. Recently she's been seen covering her stomach with baggy clothes or a purse, so we wonder what finally made her reveal her stomach. 

We previously reported back in September that Khloe was pregnant, but she has not confirmed nor denied the pregnancy since. However, a source also confirmed that her baby was a... BOY! We could not be happier for her, and really, the girl looks GOOD pregnant.