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Khloe Kardashian Has Disabled Comments On Instagram Because She’s So Tired Of Hearing About Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian isn't allowing fans to comment on her Instagram posts.

Even if you only have a couple hundred followers on Instagram, you've probably received a hateful comment or two on your posts before. So many of us have been there and honestly, it really sucks. Now, imagine having several million followers on Instagram, and constantly being in the public eye for people to scrutinize - that's the life of a Kardashian. Upon all the recent drama with her baby daddy, Khloe Kardashian has disabled comments on Instagram because she's so tired of hearing about Tristan Thompson.

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If you follow Khloe Kardashian on Instagram, you probably know by now that she's quite active on the app. She regularly posts inspirational quotes to her story, heavily edited selfies (which people LOVE to pick apart for photoshop fails), and of course, photos of her daughter, True.

Since the news broke of Tristan Thompson's infidelity, Instagram hasn't been a very nice place for many of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, but especially for Khloe. People have been taking over her comments section, criticizing her for everything from blaming Jordyn Woods for the cheating scandal to saying she's a bad mother for the length of her nails. Finally, though, Khloe has had enough.

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The reality TV star has posted twice on IG today, one photo was a simple image of hearts, and the next was a selfie. Both photos have had the comments disabled, so nobody is able to leave rude comments or rip Khloe apart. Honestly, I don't blame her and I think I would have done the same in her situation. 

Khloe has admitted that she was wrong in blaming Jordyn, and has said that she's now trying to heal and move on in peace. Let's be real - if people are bombarding her with hateful comments, she's never going to be able to do that, but by blocking anyone from saying anything, she may just have a chance at healing.