Khloe Kardashian has finally moved back to Los Angeles. As you may know, when Khloe became pregnant with Tristan Thompson's baby, she moved all the way to Cleveland. Tristan Thompson plays basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers so living there made the most sense for their relationship.

After Khloe gave birth to their baby True Thompson and she simultaneously found out about Tristan's cheating scandal, rumours began to swirl that Khloe would be moving back to Los Angeles. 

Via KhloeKardashian/Snapchat

Khloe did post a very non-celebratory Snapchat for Father's Day today, but we can tell that her heart's not in it. She posted a gloomy looking photo of Tristan holding True's hand with the caption "Happy Father's Day". Tbh, it looks like Khloe just posted it to show her fans that she's trying to be civil with Tristan. 

The rest of Khloe's Snapchat story had nothing to do with Tristan and/or Father's day - it was actually all about her, baby True and their move back to Calabasas. After a few hours, Khloe shared some videos of how she was welcomed back home at her house in California. Oh, and we couldn't find Tristan anywhere

Via KhloeKardashian/Snapchat

The first image Khloe shared was of a ton of balloons courtesy of Kylie and Stormi! The balloons read "Welcome home Khloe and True". There was no sign of Tristan anywhere on those balloons. The entrance way of Khloe's house was stacked with these adorable balloons and a huge teddy bear.

She was also welcomed home with a ton of adorable cookies that look exactly like True! How cute!

Via KhloeKardashian/Snapchat

Khloe goes on to take a video of even more cookies with True's face on them. Along with the cookies is a sign that reads, "WELCOME HOME!!!! We missed you! Xo" It's signed by all of "her girls". We're assuming that these are her assistants/people that work on Khloe's team!

It looks like Khloe is happy to be back in L.A. with the rest of the Kardashian clan.